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Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2005

by Shelley Wilcox
by Scott Parker
by Alan Zisman
by Glen Holmes
by Shelley Wilcox
by James McConville
by Wayne Ulian
by Alan Zisman
by Kevin Amboe
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by James McConville
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BCEdOnline Conference: Building Global Communities

by Shelley Wilcox,

BCEd Online's provincial eLearning conference "Building Global Learning Communities" was held from April 20 - 22 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Richmond.   Five hundred delegates met for three days to explore the areas of communication, ePortfolios and learning objects as well as the broader themes of content development, professional development, ePedagogy, leadership in eLearning, and innovation.   Five keynote speakers and 78 presentations provided a wide variety of software solutions, course and training showcases and demonstrations of current research and ePedagogy.  Educators from the K-12 sector as well as the colleges and universities networked and participated in ongoing virtual communities created for the conference.    Keynote speakers such as David Shaffeur addressed the issue of gaming as a learning tool and discussed the use of computers as tools to bridge geography and isolation to build virtual communities.   Extensive connections were made between the latest research in areas such as ePortfolios for which Helen Barrett provided a framework for current practices and discussed the use of digital storytelling.  A range of portfolio and communications software and solutions were provided.  Panels discussed strategies for building inclusive virtual communities for all stakeholders as well the articulation of portfolios between the K-12 sector and post secondary and careers.   Presenters hosted discussions on their topics and many presentations were archived in the learning communities.   Please visit the web site for further information at   

CUEBC was pleased to participate as a sponsor and our executive members provided technical support for the conference.

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