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Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2005

by Shelley Wilcox
by Scott Parker
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by Glen Holmes
by Shelley Wilcox
by James McConville
by Wayne Ulian
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Benefits of CUEBC Membership

by Wayne Ulian,, Professional Development Coordinator

The CUEBC Executive welcomes our newest members, the “Online and Distance” computer using educators enrolled at the “Building Global Learning Communities” conference. We are here to support your efforts!

A significant benefit of membership, this CUEBC newsletter is now published in both an online and a print format - up to 6 times per year! The newsletter has been redesigned and, as always, provides an opportunity for teacher contributors to share / network with other teachers anywhere in the province.

In addition, the CUEBC website has been redesigned to provide members with “practical” advice, PD links, information and opinion on current, relevant issues in our ever changing field - the educational uses of technology. It is hoped that our site will evolve as you, the members, suggest and request resources - possibly like a SIG (special interest group) networking listserv. Because CUEBC is a technically diverse, geographically challenged group, the website can assist us in finding and sharing complex ideas and solutions.

Professional Development, in my view, is the single most significant benefit provided by CUEBC membership. Each year, members work hard to provide inspiring and practical experiences at Horizons and jointly sponsored conferences (i.e. BCEdOnline). This year, our Executive has expanded the mandate to support many smaller regional PSA partnering conferences. Our president Shelley Wilcox has written several articles on this subject in the and our March newsletter editions:

The following link contains the complete list of CUEBC membership benefits:

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